Policies Under Review:   CAP-180   University Art Acquisition And Oversight Policy (comments due by 07/12/2018)

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Campus Administrative Policies

Auxiliary Organizations - Associated Students, INC.

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Chapter 800

Chapter Policy Title Date Modified Version
800   Associated Students, Inc. 6/12/15 FINAL
  801 Objective FINAL
  802 Student Government FINAL
  802 ASI Executive Director FINAL
  804 ASI Business Office FINAL
  805 Programs FINAL
810   ASI Codes and Bylaws 6/12/15 FINAL
  811 ASI Codes and Bylaws FINAL
  812 Membership FINAL
  813 Gifts to the Associated Students, Inc. FINAL
820   Orfalea Family and ASI Children's Center 6/12/15 FINAL
830   Julian A. McPhee University Union 6/12/15 FINAL
840   Cal Poly Recreation Center 6/12/15 FINAL
850   Cal Poly Sports Complex 6/12/15 FINAL