CHAPTER 800 Auxiliary Organizations - Associated Students, Inc.

830 Julian A. Mcphee University Union

The University Union is an important core of campus life at Cal Poly, providing facilities and programs for recreation, entertainment and information, as well as conference rooms and food service establishments.

The Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) is the auxiliary organization responsible for the administration and management of the Julian A. McPhee University Union and ASI-funded programs and services. The lease agreement between the Trustees of the California State University and ASI designates operating lease rights to ASI for the Julian A. McPhee University Union. The term University Union refers to both the facility and related programs.

The policy-recommending body for the University Union is the University Union Advisory Board (UUAB). All policies are approved by the University President.

Guidelines for operation and use of the University Union facility are documented in the University Union Facility Policy Manual.

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