Delegation of Fiscal Authority (DOA)

The Chancellor’s Office (CO) formed the Financial Business Rules Committee (FBRC) to identify a baseline delegation of authority structure for the CSU. This committee was composed of campus and CO representatives who were charged with developing this standard for approval of financial transactions. Further information about this collaborative effort is available on the CSYou Delegation of Authority webpage.

An individual with Delegation of Fiscal Authority has been designated to review and approve transactions and authorize the expenditure of monies. This delegation is tied to an individual’s role and responsibilities within the organization.

  • Understand the expense/purchase and ensure information/supporting documents are complete,
  • Ensure the transaction is allowable, reasonable, accurate, justified, and complies with all applicable rules guidelines, and policies.
  • Verify the charge utilizes the correct chartfield(s).
  • Ensure adequate funds are available to cover expenses and, if a multi‐year commitment, that budget plans are fiscally sound and sustainable.
  • Verify the funding source is appropriate for expense and complies with any applicable sponsored project/grant/donation.

DOA Applications

CSUBUY Implementation – coming March 26, 2024

The DOA module will be implemented in CFS for initial use for CSUBUY goods and services transaction approval. The DOA approver’s workflow step will be completed after the request for purchase is made in CSUBUY and before procurement occurs.

The following structure will act as the basis for assignment of fiscal authority for departments:

Level Level definition Role/Titles Approval Authority Limits
1 Individual with oversight of campus Chief Financial Officer CSUBUY - 1 million + , by deptid(s)
2 Individuals with oversight of divisions Provost, Vice President, Vice Provost, Executive Director, or CFO Designee CSUBUY- Up to $1M , by deptid(s)
3 Individuals with oversight of College/Unit Deans, Associate Vice President (AVP), College Resource Officers, Athletic Directors, Vice Provost (Admin II & III) CSUBUY- Up to $500k , by deptid(s)
4 Individuals with delegated authority to spend from and manage approval budgets MPP- (Admin I & II), Department Chair/Head* CSUBUY- Up to $250k , by deptid(s)
  • *University Campus Program fund approvers will be individually delegated for each UCP fund aligned with current fund authorizations
  • **CSUBUY E-Marketplace will be available for P-Card holders to purchase goods & services according to P-Card policies

Frequently Asked Questions

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