CHAPTER 800 Auxiliary Organizations - Associated Students, Inc.

800 Operating Authority

Associated Students, Incorporated (ASI) has been established and organized in accordance with the California Education Code and shall be the sole, duly recognized student body organization at Cal Poly.

ASI shall operate in compliance with the California Education Code, the California Code of Regulations and all relevant California State University (CSU) and campus policies pertaining to student government.

ASI has also been organized and duly recognized as a campus auxiliary organization in accordance with the California Education Code. ASI shall remain in good standing by operation in compliance with the California Education Code, the California Code of Regulations and all relevant CSU and campus policies pertaining to auxiliary organizations.

Associated Students, Inc. is a nonprofit public benefit 501(c)(3) corporation and is governed by a board of directors, in accordance with its Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws.

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To enrich the quality of student life and to complement the educational mission of Cal Poly through shared governance, student employment, student advocacy and a broad spectrum of programming, services and opportunities for leadership and social interaction.

The purpose and objectives of ASI at Cal Poly are:

  • To provide for student self-governance;
  • To provide authorized programs and services as a student body organization; and
  • To provide authorized programs and services as a Student Union.

While ASI is recognized as one entity, it operates within two functional areas. One is the Student Government structure, where advocacy and shared governance engage with the University and the community. The execution of programs and goals within Student Government are under the direction of the ASI Student Government leadership team. The second area is the day-to-day operations of the non-profit corporation, or the business of ASI. These are the responsibility of ASI professional staff under the leadership of the ASI executive director.

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Authority to provide for student self-governance is granted by the CSU through policies that are specific to student body organizations regarding their operation, organization and use of fees. The primary objective of a student body organization is to provide for campus student self-government.

The ASI student governance structure consists of three branches: the executive staff under the ASI president, the ASI Board of Directors (BOD) under the chair of the Board, and the University Union Advisory Board (UUAB) under the chair of the UUAB.

ASI President

The ASI president is the only elected-at-large student leader at Cal Poly. The president shall represent the general student body (student advocacy) and act as the official representative and host of the Associated Students, Inc. to the administration of the University and the general public.

The ASI president has responsibility to the students of Cal Poly to: maintain student input in all aspects of University shared decision-making; serve as the co-chair of the Campus Fee Advisory Committee and Student Success Fee Allocation Advisory Committee; serve as an official representative of ASI as appointed on campuswide and Academic Senate committees; as established, be responsible for appointing and/or removing ASI student representatives to all campuswide standing committees, including the Academic Senate.

Additionally, the ASI president serves as the official student representative of ASI to all external entities (e.g., California State Student Association [CSSA], Chamber of Commerce, Chancellor’s Office, etc.) and serves as the chair of the Student Community Liaison Committee (SCLC).

ASI Board of Directors

The ASI Board of Directors serves as the legislative body of ASI and official representative voice of Cal Poly students. Members of the Board of Directors are elected representatives of an Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c) (3) tax exempt nonprofit corporation. The directors are elected by the ASI members, who are regularly admitted and enrolled as matriculating students at Cal Poly. The term of office is one year and the BOD is elected annually during the spring election. The BOD meets bi-weekly to conduct official business of ASI and to represent the official voice of Cal Poly students.

University Union Advisory Board (UUAB)

The UUAB is designated to assist the University President and ASI executive director in maintaining the integrity of the Student Body Center fee, referred to at Cal Poly as the University Union fee, by honoring the applicable governing agreements. The UUAB will provide recommendations to the University President regarding operations of University Union fee-funded facilities (University Union, Recreation Center and Sports Complex), programs, and services.

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The ASI executive director is the Associated Students, Inc. senior management position, with a direct reporting relationship to the ASI Board of Directors and a secondary (dotted-line) reporting relationship to the vice president for Student Affairs. The executive director manages the corporate affairs of ASI operations within the policies and procedures as established by the ASI Board of Directors in accordance with the Articles of Incorporation, ASI Bylaws, Campus and CSU policies. This includes responsibility for operations of ASI-owned and ASI-managed facilities including the Orfalea Family and ASI Children’s Center, Julian A. McPhee University Union, Recreation Center and Sports Complex.

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The ASI Business Office provides for its own infrastructure including strategic planning and assessment; human resources; accounting and budgeting; information technology; facility operations and maintenance; management oversight; risk management and insurance; and public relations and marketing in support of ASI programs and student shareholders.

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ASI is funded by student fees that were approved through various student referenda and operates from two distinct budgets: ASI (Student Body Organization Fee) and University Union (Student Body Center Fee).

Children’s Programs, Poly Escapes, Cal Poly Club Services and ASI Events are all funded by the student body organization fee. Additionally, funds are provided for Cal Poly Club co-sponsorship, and Cal Poly general club funding at the discretion of the ASI Board of Directors.

Authority to provide student union programs is granted by the CSU Trustees through lease and operating agreements to ASI for the Student Body Center fee-funded facilities: Julian A. McPhee University Union; the Recreation Center; and the Sports Complex. The UUAB is designated to advise the University President and ASI executive director in maintaining the integrity of the Student Body Center Fee by providing recommendations regarding the operation of the Student Body Center fee-funded facilities, programs and services.

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