CHAPTER 800 Auxiliary Organizations - Associated Students, Inc.

850 Cal Poly Sports Complex

The Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) is the auxiliary organization responsible for the management of the Cal Poly Sports Complex and operates in accordance with all applicable regulations and policies of the California State University Trustees and the University. The Cal Poly Sports Complex is managed and operated by ASI as prescribed by an operating lease agreement between the Trustees of the California State University and ASI.

Use of the Cal Poly Sports Complex is shared between ASI, the University and its intercollegiate athletics program. The Sports Complex supports ASI Recreational Sports Programs as well as intercollegiate athletics and other uses in concert with the University mission. All use must be of a nature suitable to the facility and in conformity with the Sports Complex Use Agreement and any bond indenture requirements. ASI provides administration and scheduling services for the Sports Complex facility. The University is responsible for routine maintenance pursuant to the lease agreement. Oversight of the Sports Complex shall be conducted by a Sports Complex Use Committee, whose membership shall include the Chair of the University Union Advisory Board (UUAB), the ASI executive director, or designee; a representative of Intercollegiate Athletics; a representative from Block ‘P’; a representative of Facility Services; and a representative from the University, at large, appointed by the vice president for Administration and Finance. The purpose of this Committee shall be to provide ongoing review of the facility oversight and schedule management. The Committee will review the Facility Use Schedule for the entire Sports Complex and shall have the authority to revise the schedule through unanimous vote.

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