Campus Administrative Policies

Cal Poly is undertaking a comprehensive review of its University policies. The result of this effort will be a complete collection of Campus Administrative Policies (CAP), published on the web and available for on-demand printing. CAP replaces the Campus Administrative Manual (CAM).

CAP Publication Process

CAP flowchart. Illustrates the publishing process which follows below in detail.
  1. Each division is responsible for developing policies in accordance with the guidelines and goals of the Campus Administrative Policies (CAP) initiative. Draft policies are to be vetted across all appropriate constituent groups by the division. Once the draft policy is approved by the division leadership, it is submitted to the CAP Ad Hoc Committee (CAP Committee).
  2. The CAP Committee will review the draft policies and provide editorial comments and recommend edits and format changes to the divisional representative. Once any changes are made, the CAP Committee Chair will authorize posting to the Cal Poly website for a 30-day review and comment period. Notice to the campus community will be given in the Cal Poly Report and via the CAP website. At the close of the review period, suggestions and edits will be reviewed with the divisional representative. If changes result from the comment period, Step 2 will be repeated (resubmitted to the CAP Committee for review prior to authorizing posting).
  3. If no changes result from the comment period, a recommendation for approval by the President’s Office is made. The CAP policy is posted as Interim for up to 30 days during which time the President will have the opportunity to approve or revise the policy.
  4. Interim policies will become final upon the President’s approval. As CAM policies are superseded by final CAP policies they will be retired. Until retired, all CAM policies and Administrative Bulletins remain in effect as official University Policy.

This website features general information and periodic updates about the CAP development and publication process. Questions about CAP may be directed to:

Leah Villa

Administrative Analyst/Specialist
CAP Ad Hoc Committee staff and web publication support