Policies Under Review:   Space Management Policy (comments due by 01/07/2018)

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Policies Under Review:   Use Of University Property And Time, Place And Manner (comments due by 02/15/2018)

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Campus Administrative Policies

Student Affairs

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Chapter 600

Chapter Policy Title Date Modified Version
600   Administrative Organization of Student Affairs FINAL
610   New Student & Transition Programs (I) INTERIM
630   Career Services 3/1/2004 FINAL
640   Disability Resource Center FINAL
650   Health and Counseling Services FINAL
660   University Housing 2/25/2008 FINAL
660   University Housing (I) - PUBLIC VIEWING ENDED DECEMBER 3rd, 2017 INTERIM
670   Student Academic Services 3/1/2004 FINAL
680   Dean of Students FINAL
  681 Office of Student Rights & Responsibilities
690   Testing Services FINAL
  691 Disability Resource Center (DRC) Accommodated Testing Services FINAL