Policies Under Review:   Space Management Policy (comments due by 01/07/2018)

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Policies Under Review:   Use Of University Property And Time, Place And Manner (comments due by 02/15/2018)

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Campus Administrative Policies

University Organization and Campuswide Policies

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Chapter 100

Chapter Policy Title Date Modified Version
100   California Polytechnic State University FINAL
110   Mission and Goals FINAL
120   Organization
130   Policies and Procedures FINAL
140 Free Expression, Sponsorship, Commercialism and Use of Buildings and Grounds FINAL
  141 Freedom of Expression FINAL
  142 Endorsement and Sponsorship FINAL
  143 Commercial Activities FINAL
  144 Use of Cal Poly Buildings and Grounds 3/15/2017 FINAL
  145 Use of University Names and Marks FINAL
  146 University Art Acquisition and Oversight Policy FINAL
140 Use Of University Property And Time, Place And Manner POLICY UNDER REVIEW
  141 Introduction POLICY UNDER REVIEW
  142 Approved And Priority Uses Of University Property, Facilities And Services POLICY UNDER REVIEW
  143 Prohibited Uses Of University Facilities And Services POLICY UNDER REVIEW
  144 Use Of University Name, Trademarks, Branding Or Logos POLICY UNDER REVIEW
  145 Procedures POLICY UNDER REVIEW
  146 Time, Place And Manner Restrictions For Events And Activities POLICY UNDER REVIEW
  147 Withholding Or Withdrawal Of Approval POLICY UNDER REVIEW
  148 Responsible Administrators And Departments POLICY UNDER REVIEW
  149 Definitions For This Policy POLICY UNDER REVIEW
150   Policies on University Priorities FINAL
  151 Sustainability FINAL
160   Policies on Public Safety 2/10/2015 FINAL
  161 Sexual Misconduct Policy (I) INTERIM
  162 Emergency Management Program FINAL
170   Policies on Public Health FINAL
  171 Smoking Policy 9/1/2017 FINAL
  172 Alcohol Policy 7/14/2017 FINAL
  173 Highly Contagious Disease FINAL