370 Contracts And Procurement

Contracts and Procurement (C&P) executes two distinct but related functions: contracting and procurement. Associated duties are carried out in close coordination with other Administration and Finance (AFD) departments. C&P is positioned as a central administrative support unit that interfaces with every other University operation.

370.1 Contracting

Agreements involving the encumbrance or payment of state funds, the use or the commitment of state property, the construction or alteration of state buildings, or any other obligations on the part of the University, shall require review, approval and execution by an authorized contracting or procurement officer. The director of C&P serves as the University’s chief contracting officer. Any further delegation of the director’s contracting authority must be formalized in writing. Agreements that are not properly authorized may be void and unenforceable.

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370.2 Procurement

C&P administers the procurement of goods and services for all organizational elements of the University in a timely and cost effective manner in compliance with California law, CSU policy and public procurement best practices.

Only authorized procurement and contracting officers may commit state funds through the execution of contracts or purchase orders. The director may delegate or rescind limited procurement authority to other University employees at his or her discretion.

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371 Property Survey Board

The director of C&P serves as the Property Survey Board (PSB) chairperson. The PSB is responsible for the disposition of all surplus state property. No state property may be sold, donated or otherwise conveyed without the director’s authorization.

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