Campus Administrative Policies

Administration and Finance

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Chapter 300

Chapter Policy Title Date Modified Version
300   Organization and Division Policies FINAL
  301 Organizational Structure FINAL
  302 Division Policies FINAL
310   Budget and Analytic Business Services FINAL
  311 University Operating Budgets FINAL
  312 University Capital Outlay Budgets FINAL
320   Facilities Planning and Capital Projects 3/7/2014 FINAL
  321 Physical Master Planning   FINAL
  322 Building Planning, Design and Construction 10/15/2019 FINAL
  322.2 Construction Project Approval Policy 3/3/2020 FINAL
  323 Major Capital Outlay Program   FINAL
  324 Professional Services   FINAL
  325 Building Permit Program   FINAL
  326 Natural Resources Management   FINAL
330   Facility Services (I) 3/17/2014 INTERIM
  331 Minor Capital Outlay Program FINAL
  332 Energy and Utilities FINAL
  333 Facilities Customer and Business Services FINAL
  334 Facilities Operations FINAL
  335 Display of the United States and California Flags FINAL
  336 Campus Recycling Program FINAL
  337 Transportation Services FINAL
340   Fiscal Services FINAL
  341 Cash, income and investments FINAL
  342 Disbursements/Expenditures FINAL
  343 Student and Non-student Accounts Receivable, Registration Access, and Student Loans FINAL
  344 University Property FINAL
  345 University Accounting, Reconciliations, and Reporting FINAL
350   University Police 12/4/2015 FINAL
360   Risk Management, Environmental Health and Safety 1/19/2014 FINAL
  361.10 Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) FINAL
  364 Information Security Program FINAL
370   Contracts and Procurement 07/10/2013 FINAL
380   Administrative Compliance Services FINAL
  382 Request for Public Records 1/19/2014 FINAL
  383 Business Continuity Program FINAL
  384 Records Retention FINAL
390   Space Management Policy FINAL