Purpose and Mission Statement


University Housing is responsible for the administration of the University’s academic year and summer quarter student housing program.  The mission of the department is to provide a quality living and learning experience for a diverse population of residents.  Regulations that govern use of the housing facilities have been established by the Board of Trustees of the California State University in Title V of the California Code of Regulations. (  

The University Housing Department consists of three units that support the Department mission:  Housing Administration, Housing & Business Services, and Residential Life and Education. 


Housing Administration


Housing Administration prepares and administers the student housing application, licensing and assignment processes and maintains all resident occupancy records.  The Student License Agreement, agreed upon by all residents in occupancy, is written in compliance with Title V of the California Code of Regulations (, the CSU Student Disciplinary Manual, and includes policies from departmental handbooks (  Student housing records are considered confidential and FERPA guidelines are observed ( Marketing strategies for all campus student housing facilities are planned and implemented through this Unit. 

Students licensed to live in the residence halls and freshmen living in on-campus apartments are required to purchase a resident dining plan (  A resident dining plan is optional for transfers and returning students living in on-campus apartments.

The Administrative Unit includes housing information systems, which oversees and maintains the computer network system of approximately 3,900 active ports for the Department. This includes oversight for major computer hardware and software purchases and for evaluation and implementation of new information system technologies.

The Administrative Unit administers an off-campus housing rental listing service (  The Department does not inspect, approve or disapprove of off-campus rental facilities.  Educative resource information is provided to students utilizing standards taken from California Civil Code ( and the California Department of Consumer Affairs (

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Housing and Business Services


Housing and Business Services coordinates all maintenance and custodial support services for the residence halls, apartments and agricultural housing units.  This unit is responsible for the department budget planning and projections; capital project planning; service contract negotiation and monitoring; property inventory control; procurement; key control; maintenance of the electronic locking system; facilities code compliance and risk management for the entire department.  This unit contracts and schedules all residence hall and apartment space utilization services for the summer University Guests, programs and conference services.


Housing and Business Services licenses students who live in the agricultural and architectural housing units in accordance with Title V of the California Code of Regulations (


The Dean of the College of Agriculture directs the assignment of the students to the housing units and the supervision of the living environment, as well as assigned work, as in-kind payment for the use of the housing facilities.


Housing and Business Services directs the management of the facility, fiscal and service aspects of the agricultural housing program.

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Residential Life and Education


Residential Life and Education provides professional and student staff support services and programs to students who reside in campus housing.  Residential Life and Education develops programs and activities, which support new students’ transition to the Cal Poly environment, and assists returning students in meeting the next set of University challenges. Community and program data, in relationship to the environment in which students live, is collected and retained by this area.  This unit administers the Student Handbooks ( that outline program components, policies, community standards and the judicial process for all residents to observe.  Students are also provided standards to follow from California State laws and regulations and University policy as outlined in the Student Housing Licenses.  The Coordinators of Student Development, professional housing staff members, are required to live in the residence halls/apartments as part of their position assignment.

The Residence Hall Computing Program (ResNet) is part of this unit.  Students are expected to comply with the policies outlined in the “Information Technology Resources Responsibility Use Policy” for computing (  Violations are addressed through the residence hall judicial processes and are referred to the Office of Student Rights and Responsibilities, Dean of Students Office and University Police as necessary.  

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  • Date approved by the President:  March 1, 2004, Revised June 9, 2004, Revised February 12, 2008.  Final approval February 25, 2008
  • Office responsible for implementation:  University Housing
  • Date when the policy is to be reviewed and by whom (where stipulated):  December 2003, Vice President for Student Affairs
  • Sunset clause (where stipulated): 
  • Related University Policies/Documents/Manuals/Handbooks: 
  • Agricultural Handbook
    • Student Event Authorization
    • Student Driver Volunteer Appointment Form
    • Services Agreement
    • University Activity Release Agreement
    • Residence Hall Handbook (
    • Cerro Vista Apartment Handbook (
    • Student Housing License Agreement (Form 65, 65S)
    • Cerro Vista Apartments Student Housing License Agreement (Form 65A)
  • Any laws, regulations or codes of practice which should be referred to in conjunction with the policy: 

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