CHAPTER 700 University Advancement

740 Marketing And Communications

University level marketing and communications activities are the responsibility of the Marketing and Communications office in University Advancement, employing strategies developed at the direction of University leadership. The campus community’s (e.g., units, departments, colleges, divisions, auxiliaries and support organizations) marketing and communications activities must conform to the overall University marketing and communications strategy, and adhere to themes and standards established and overseen by Marketing and Communications.

740.1 Marketing

The Marketing office shall ensure the consistent use of Cal Poly’s names and marks, including but not limited to the University’s name, graphic, and visual identities, in accordance with the Policy on Use of University Names and Marks (CAP 145).

740.1.1 - Branding:

Marketing shall oversee consistent use of tangible and intangible brand assets for the University. The approved University brand identity and architecture are detailed in the Cal Poly visual identity guide and the Policy on Use of University Names and Marks (CAP 145).

740.1.2 - Graphic Identity:

Marketing shall approve all representations of Cal Poly’s graphic identity, including the name or any abbreviation of the name, logo, symbols, design, drawing, picture, graphic or wording that is clearly related to or representative of the University. The development of a graphic for any individual unit within the University is a special project that requires review and approval by Marketing.

740.1.3 - University Web Design:

Working with Information Services, Marketing shall set standards and primary design protocol that all University units must follow for their websites. All areas shall keep content on sites updated as part of their communications/marketing priorities and to use the most current version of the official University web template.

740.1.4 - Placement of Advertisements:

Prior approval from Marketing staff shall be required for purchased, free or donated advertising that publicizes an academic, administrative, or athletics unit within the University and which will be seen or heard on any form of media including but not limited to television, radio, print publications, billboards, websites, social media, mobile apps, or other online channels. Approval is also required prior to utilizing individual brand identity elements including logos or taglines representing academic, administrative, athletics units, or any other organization (e.g., student clubs, centers and institutes, etc.) affiliated with the University.

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740.2 Communications

The Communications office shall establish and maintain editorial standards and enforce the graphic standards for print, electronic and broadcast communications. The Cal Poly Campus Style Guide, created and maintained by Communications, shall apply to all Cal Poly communications channels.

740.2.1 - Publications involving the Cal Poly Name or Logos:

All proposed non-scholarly publications intended for distribution outside Cal Poly, whether print or electronic, are official communications and must conform to University standards and requirements. All non-scholarly materials produced anywhere within the University for external print or electronic distribution shall be approved by the Communications staff prior to dissemination. Communications shall communicate an approval process and timeline in their published departmental procedures. All communications written and designed by non-university personnel shall be submitted to the Communications office for review to ensure adherence to University standards, proper ownership, and shall be produced by a print partner approved by Contract & Procurement Services.

All Cal Poly external publications shall require the inclusion of an appropriate nondiscrimination/affirmative action statement as provided by the Communications office.

740.2.2 - Mass Electronic Messaging:

Mass electronic messaging is unsolicited email or texts sent quickly in large quantities to facilitate communication of urgent, time-critical or other essential university information to the entire campus community or segments therein.

740.2.2.1 - Mass Email Approval:

The Communications office may use mass electronic messaging when pre-approved or directed to do so by appropriate University staff, using mass email lists maintained by Information Technology Services (ITS).

Mass messages require the approval of an appropriate authority or designee and must meet established mass mail criteria in accordance with ITS policy, and the sender must comply with all ITS policies regarding use of electronic mail and information technology resources. Inappropriate mass electronic messaging may be considered an abuse of University information technology resources.

Mass electronic messages for Cal Poly alumni or donors shall be approved by the vice president for University Advancement or designee.

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740.3 Media Relations

Media Relations is the primary source for developing and disseminating news about Cal Poly to the general public via print, broadcast, electronic and online channels. Media Relations is responsible for determining the newsworthiness of significant events, activities, and occurrences in all academic and administrative programs; accomplishments of students, faculty or staff; and all other campus matters.

740.3.1 - Athletics Programs:

The release of information about University Athletic programs is a responsibility of the Athletics marketing and communications department. Athletics marketing and communications staff shall consult with Media Relations, in collaboration with the Office of the Provost, on matters involving Athletics personnel changes and other issues of Campuswide concern and impact.

740.3.2 - University Spokesperson:

The designation of the official University spokesperson is under the purview of the vice president of University Advancement. The University President or designee may serve as the official spokesperson for the University regarding significant matters of policy and public interest. Depending on specific issues, an appropriate executive may be designated as campus spokesperson.

740.3.3 - Campus Events:

Cal Poly sponsored cultural events (arts, music, theatre, lectures) and student sponsored events open to the public are publicized in coordination with Media Relations, working with a designated person within each area. Other affiliated organizations shall coordinate with Media Relations as appropriate to promote and market their events.

740.3.4 - Media and Crisis Response:

At the direction of the Office of the President and in coordination with University Advancement, the director of Media Relations is responsible for the University’s response to media reports, ranging from rumors to crisis communications, and including coordination of information flows, drafting of public statements, and ensuring that public information is accurate and timely. In the event of a crisis or serious incident, the director of Media Relations will coordinate media liaison duties with the University’s crisis management team and the Office of the President.

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  6. Laws, Regulations and/or Codes of practice referred to herein or related to this policy:
    1. California Education Code Section 89005.5. Under California law, the California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo name and any abbreviations such as “Cal Poly” are owned by the State of California and may not be used for commercial or promotional purposes without the permission of Cal Poly. Violation of this statute constitutes a misdemeanor.