CHAPTER 600 Student Affairs

650 Health and Counseling Services

650.1 Health and Counseling Services

Health and Counseling Services provides basic and augmented health and counseling services to all eligible University students. The services provided by Health and Counseling Services change over time and are described on the Health & Counseling Services website (please see reference section). All services conform to CSU executive orders, as well as applicable state and federal requirements.

650.1.1 Basic Services

Basic Services are provided without additional charge. Most services are available by appointment. The provision for urgent medical assessment and care is available on a walk-in basis during scheduled business hours.

650.1.1.1 Basic Services in Health Services are:

Primary outpatient care consistent with the scope of service, and the skills and specialties of clinical staff; the provision of family planning services, consistent with current medical practice, excluding surgical procedures; public health prevention programs including immunizations for the prevention and control of communicable diseases; health education (e.g., nutrition, sexually transmitted infections, HIV, alcohol and substance abuse, eating disorders, preventive medicine); evaluation and guidance for individual health problems; clinical laboratory diagnostic services in support of basic services; basic diagnostic X-ray services; pharmacy services; medical liaison services with other community health agencies and services; consultation with and referral to off-campus health care providers and hospitals;and consultative services on-campus health issues.

650.1.1.1 Basic Services in Counseling Services are:

Short-term counseling/psychotherapy, suicide and personal violence prevention services, emergency/crisis services, outreach, mental health consultation, and referral resources.

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650.1.2 Augmented Services

Approved augmented services may be available. Health and Counseling Services may charge eligible students for augmented services. The provision of augmented services cannot interfere with the Health Center’s capacity to provide its basic services. Augmented services in Health Services include physical exams not related to current treatment (e.g., scuba physicals) and services to continuing students. In Counseling Services, augmented service is the provision of services to continuing students over the Summer Quarter.

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651 Eligibility for Services

Currently enrolled students who possess valid student identification cards are eligible for basic health services on campus and at other CSU campuses.University staff, faculty, and visitors are not eligible for services exceptfor first aid for minor on-campus injuries.

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652 Medical Records

The Health and Counseling Services’ medical records are confidential as defined in state and federal statute. Exceptions exist such as for legal reporting requirements, subpoenas, Public Health Department reports of communicable diseases, certain instances of abuse and assault, and perceived danger to self or others.

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References for CAP 650

  1. Date approved by the President: April 2, 2013
  2. Effective Date: April 2, 2013
  3. Responsible Department/Office(s): Student Affairs - Health and Counseling Services
  4. Revision History: Editorial changes made November 25, 2014.
  5. Related University Policies, Procedures, Manuals and/or Documents:
    1. Health and Counseling Services
    2. Executive Order 943 or successor pertains to Health Services
    3. Executive Order 1053 or successor pertains to Counseling Services
  6. Laws, Regulations and/or Codes of practice referred to herein or related to this policy
    1. Health and Counseling Services shall comply with all pertinent state and federal laws pertaining to the provision of health and mental health services, including all applicable laws and regulations pertaining to medical/mental health information privacy.
    2. Health and Counseling Services shall maintain full accreditation status with the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care.