CHAPTER 600 Student Affairs

630 Career Services

631 Career Services

Career Services empowers Cal Poly students to achieve a lifetime of meaningful career success through the following programs and activities.

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631.1 Career Planning

Career Services assists students in exploring, formulating, and implementing career plans through appointments and drop-in services; and provides workshops and classroom presentations on choosing a career, choosing a major, resume writing, interview techniques, business etiquette, negotiating salaries, graduate school exploration, and other related areas.

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631.4 Employer Relations

Career Services promotes and supports effective relationships between the University community and employers through networking sessions, on-campus interviewing program, career fairs, and other related programming. Career Services has established policies that restrict and/or limit employer access to services, rooms, scheduling, or sponsorship if:


The opportunity involves on-campus solicitation, posting of materials, or sale of products and services;


Compensation is exclusively based on fees/percentage of sales from others under their sponsorship in the organization;


The organization is sponsoring an individual to establish its own business for the purpose of selling products or services, and/or recruiting other individuals to establish its own businesses;


The organization requires an initial payment or investment with the organization itself, serving as an umbrella or parent corporation. Investments of this type may include, but are not limited to, such things as: requirement of attending unpaid orientation or training sessions; direct payment of a fixed fee; payment to attend orientation or training sessions; and/or purchase or rent of a starter kit, sales kit, or presentation supplies;


The organization fails, for any reason, to provide essential information concerning the job description; e.g., commission only, salary, applicant requirements, etc.; and/or


The employer is unable or unwilling to provide written documentation of registration with a Better Business Bureau, if so requested.

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632 Third Party Agencies

Career Services does not allow third party agencies’ access to career fairs, campus recruiting, networking sessions, table scheduling or any other on-campus activity. Such agencies may only list positions online through MustangJOBS if:


The agency agrees to identify itself as a third party agency in the job description;


The agency does not charge any fee to the applicants;


The agency provides a specific position description and requirements in the online listing; and


The agency complies with the requirements of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act and only releases candidate information with the written permission of the employment candidate and only for the specific listed position. Redisclosure of candidate information is not permitted.


When a third party agency coordinates a company’s on-campus recruiting, job listings, and career fairs, Career Services will assist with very limited items and require direct interaction be with the primary contact of the recruiting company itself.

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