CHAPTER 600 Student Affairs

610 New Student & Transition Programs

New Student & Transition Programs shall be the dedicated campus office for new student and family orientation and transition, starting with admission and continuing through the students’ first year.

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610.1 Summer Orientation

Summer Orientation is for all incoming students. Attendance for students is mandatory. A comprehensive orientation for parents and supporters of students is offered during the Summer Orientation sessions for students (not required for parents to attend). Attendees will be introduced to academic foundations and expectations, campus and community resources, and the Cal Poly and San Luis Obispo community. Financial assistance may be available for students that qualify via financial aid policies. Exceptions to participate in orientation activities will require a written request to be reviewed by an exceptions advisory committee.

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610.2 Week of Welcome

The Week of Welcome (WOW) program is also required and introduces all new students to their new communities, their academic departments and programs, addresses transition issues they may face, assists in building students’ support network, prepares them for the first day of classes and for living in San Luis Obispo. Attendance for students is mandatory.

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610.3 Open House

Open House is an annual Cal Poly event that showcases the campus to admitted and current students, their supporters, alumni and the San Luis Obispo community.

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  4. Revision History: Not applicable.
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