500 General Information

550 Employee Benefits

Human Resources provides information and administers CSU employee benefit programs consistent with CSU policy, CalPERS law, collective bargaining agreements and applicable federal and state laws and regulations. Information on available employee benefit programs is provided on the Cal Poly Human Resources and/or CSU websites.

Employee benefits include: health care (medical, dental, vision, long term care, COBRA), flexible benefits programs, life and disability insurance, retirement programs, time-off/leave of absence programs, and other authorized benefit programs.

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550.1 Emeritus Status

Academic, management and staff employees, including employees of the University’s official Auxiliary Organizations, who retire immediately upon their separation from Cal Poly and meet the required criteria, shall be awarded emeritus status with its accompanying privileges. The criteria for emeritus status shall be: (1) the employee’s completion of a minimum of ten (10) full-time equivalent years of service at Cal Poly, (2) verification by the respective program manager in consultation with the immediate supervisor that the employee’s service has been meritorious, and (3) approval by the President or President’s delegate. Emeritus status continues at the prerogative of the President.

Privileges associated with the emeritus status include: library service; complimentary parking permit upon request; use of campus dining facilities and Cal Poly University Store; attendance at classes with instructor's permission; access to certain University computer services, including email account; admission to campus events the same as active employees; access to Cal Poly Report on-line; emeritus business cards upon request; campus photo identification card; office space and staff assistance for continued University service (if available and with program manager authorization); eligibility to purchase Recreation Center membership; and group discount tickets authorizing reduced admission fees for many attractions in California the same as active employees

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550.2 Fee Waiver and Fee Reduction Program

The Fee Waiver and Fee Reduction Program provides eligible employees or their spouse, domestic partner, or dependent child the opportunity to attend classes at CSU campuses at reduced rates. Courses taken by employees must be job related or part of a career development plan. Eligibility, types of fees waived, amounts reduced and release time from work to attend classes are outlined in CSU policy and collective bargaining agreements.

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