CHAPTER 400 Office of the President

430 University Counsel

The Office of University Counsel is the sole office responsible for providing and coordinating all legal services involving Cal Poly. It is an extension of the CSU Office of General Counsel in the Chancellor’s Office. The University Counsel (UC) reports to both CSU’s General Counsel and the University President.

The UC’s primary responsibilities on behalf of Cal Poly include the following.

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430.1 Legal Advice and Counsel

Provide legal advice and counsel to the University President, the President’s executive staff and Cabinet, deans, and other designated administrative and management personnel.

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430.2 Outside Counsel

With the concurrence of the General Counsel, retains all outside legal counsel for Cal Poly, including those retained to perform non-attorney functions such as investigations. All outside legal counsel retained by Cal Poly are accountable to the UC for their professional work.

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430.3 Service of Process

Accepts service of process, including lawsuits, for Cal Poly, the University President, and other employees as delegated, for matters arising out of their service to, or employment by, Cal Poly.

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430.4 Lawsuits

Oversees and coordinates all lawsuits involving the University. Represents Cal Poly as the attorney of record for all staff and faculty disciplinary actions involving sanctions in excess of a 30-day suspension without pay, and arbitrations filed pursuant to the Unit 3 contract involving retention, tenure and promotion. UC, in consultation with the University President and/or appropriate personnel, is responsible for handling the settlement, termination or other resolution of these actions, including signing documents on behalf of Cal Poly related to these matters.

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