CHAPTER 400 Office of the President


The Office of the President provides the administrative and management resources to support the University President in his/her role as the chief executive officer of the University. Organizational charts of the structure of the University and of the Office of the President are available on the Cal Poly website.

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401 Administration

The administrative organization of Cal Poly provides the structure by which all state and Auxiliary Organization enterprise functions of the University are administered as well as for oversight of recognized Auxiliary and Ancillary Organizations.

The University President, as the highest public official for the campus, reports to the Chancellor of The California State University (CSU) System under the direction of the Trustees of the CSU in accordance with applicable state statutes and federal law.

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402 Structure

Refer to the organizational charts of the Office of the President and the University on the Cal Poly University Organization website. In addition to the direct reports within the Office of the President, the provost, all University division vice presidents, and University counsel report to the President.

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