CHAPTER 100: University Organization and Campuswide Policies

130 Policies and Procedures

Campus Administrative Policies (CAP) provide general information on Cal Poly’s administrative structure, contain locally developed policies and guidelines, and identify governing regulations, externally developed policy and laws under which the University operates and within which the locally developed policy statements included herein were developed. Statements that paraphrase or summarize externally promulgated laws, rules, regulations and CSU Trustee policy under which the University is obligated by law to operate are included for general information of all campus personnel. Such statements are not intended to modify in any substantive way the rule or regulation on which they are based. Questions of interpretation of paraphrased or summarized laws, rules or regulations are resolved by referring to the original language in the law, rule or regulation on which they were based.

130.1 Policies

Campus Administrative Policies (CAP) are the official policies of the University. They replace the related Campus Administrative Manual (CAM) policies and Administrative Bulletins (AB) as official University policy. Additions to, or changes in, policies outlined in CAP are to be made only upon approval of the President or an authorized designee. As part of this policy, the President has authorized the director of Administrative Compliance Services to make editorial corrections and minor policy wording or format changes. The term University Policy or CAP is reserved exclusively for Campuswide policies under the approval authority of the President or designee.

CAP provides a formal guidance system to help coordinate and execute activities throughout the institution. When effectively deployed, policy statements help focus attention and resources on priority issues, aligning and merging efforts to achieve the institutional mission and vision. Policy provides the operational framework within which the institution functions. Policy is “what” the institution does operationally.

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130.2 Procedures

Procedures are the operational processes required to implement University policy. Operating procedures and practices can be formal or informal, specific to a department or applicable Campuswide. Procedures are the “how to” processes to carry out the CAP policies.

130.2.1 Collegewide or Divisionwide Rules and Regulations

The University’s divisions shall establish, publish and keep up-to-date separate collections of procedures, processes, rules and regulations specific to each division as needed. Any links from CAP to division procedures, processes, rules and/or regulations must be maintained by the responsible division.

Procedures and processes which do not affect employees of other divisions or the instructional program are generally the responsibility of the college dean or division head to develop, document and administer in accordance with the mission and vision of the University

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  2. Effective Date: September 3, 2013
  3. Responsible Department/Office: Administrative Compliance Services
  4. Revision History: Use when applicable
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  6. Laws, Regulations and/or Codes of practice referred to herein or related to this policy: None cited

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