110.1 Mission

Cal Poly fosters teaching, scholarship, and service in a hands-on, Learn by Doing environment in which students, faculty and staff are partners in discovery. As a polytechnic university, Cal Poly promotes the application of theory to practice. As a comprehensive institution, Cal Poly provides a balanced education in the arts, sciences, and technology, while encouraging cross-disciplinary and co-curricular experiences. As an academic community, Cal Poly values free inquiry, cultural and intellectual diversity, mutual respect, civic engagement, and social and environmental responsibility.

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110.2 Vision

Cal Poly will be the nation's premier comprehensive polytechnic university, an innovative institution that develops and inspires whole-system thinkers to serve California and help solve global challenges.

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110.3 Strategic Imperatives

Through a process of broad campus consultation, Cal Poly has chosen six strategic imperatives:

  • Develop and inspire whole-system thinkers;
  • Embrace the teacher-scholar model;
  • Foster diversity and cultural competency in a global context;
  • Promote a culture of support, philanthropy, and community engagement;
  • Achieve sustainable growth and support world-class facilities and equipment; and
  • Ensure our financial future
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110.4 Key Principles

Four principles unite Cal Poly as a campus:

  • Student Success
  • Learn by Doing
  • Excellence
  • Comprehensive Polytechnic University
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110.5 Values: Institutional, Individual, and Community

Cal Poly is committed to the learning, progress and success of our students by constantly striving for institutional excellence, continuous improvement and renewal. Cal Poly promotes transparency, open communications and collaboration, accountability, and fiscal and environmental responsibility. Cal Poly presumes individual professionalism, personal responsibility, and ethical conduct from its constituents. Cal Poly encourages lifelong learning and the pursuit of personal excellence by its campus citizens and team members. The Cal Poly community is multicultural, promotes intellectual diversity and free inquiry, inclusive excellence, mutual respect and trust, civic engagement, and social and environmental responsibility.

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